Sunday morning

It is a beautiful Sunday morning to do whatever our hearts desire, be it nothing, everything, or a just a lil bit of everything. I have missed this feeling and the quietness of a Sunday morning.

For someone who slept less than 5 hours, I am feeling fresh and happy. Staying up late (till 2 AM) to finish a book, was (in my opinion) time well spent. I cannot feel tired after doing something that I love. 

I needed a weekend like this, to bring me back to reality and to recharge my batteries. I did nothing of great importance to be reported, nor did I waste time. It was just a normal Saturday, and today (most likely) will be a normal Sunday. I couldn’t be more happy about it all. 

I will do some cleaning, some going out (even if it is just to walk the dog), some reading and I will also spare some of the time for myself, a bit of tender, love and care for my body, plus some plans and notes for the future weeks (which are fully booked).

I was thinking that in September things will go back to a normal routine. But, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Things are changing, and so far all has been for the better. I am hoping that things will keep up. John is in the process of quitting his job. His last day at his current workplace will be the 4th of September. I am happy for him, and I hope he will find something less stressful. 

I already booked one Saturday (16th of September) for a hiking trip (another girls only weekend). There will also be the company team building, which will take place at the end of September (in Bulgaria). Hopefully the team building will not be on the same weekend as the hiking trip, since they have not announced the date yet.

These are just a few plans that are set (more or less), and I know that many will come. So, having a relaxing Sunday morning at home (while my three boys are sleeping or lazying around), feels like a good break.

Goodbye Belgium

I must admit that I have spent six amazing weeks, but it is time to say “Goodbye Belgium“. I can honestly say this has been a life changing experience for me. 

I know this will sound selfish, but I had fun being on my own. It was nice to have time for myself. It was nice not having to worry about being on time, to take the dog out, feed the cat, not being tied up to any responsibility. It made me realize how much I missed being by myself. 

Don’t get me wrong, it feels great being back home, but this experience was an eye opener on many different levels. I like myself a lot now, and I do believe that I can achieve a lot of things if I set my mind and heart on them. If this isn’t confidence, then I don’t know what it is. 

I must admit, it is really hard not to feel happy after spending 6 weeks in Belgium. It is an amazing place, that can go from peaceful to down right crazy.

I came back with a lot of great memories, and souvenirs and some great friends from Belgium. I am happy beyond words. I do believe that for a while, I will not have time to settle back in a routine. I have this feeling that good things are still to come and that I should just go with the flow. 

Goodbye Belgium!

Being happy

Time flies when you’re having fun. I am tired, but oh so happy. I’ve made some great memories in the past two months, and done things that I wouldn’t have dream of.

It feels liberating. It feels just right. I feel happy.

The best part is that more is to come, and I truly believe that this will be a memorable year for me. I’ve learned new things about me. I have become more confident and the best of them all: I am back! I’ve regained my wild self that takes chances and doesn’t back down when there is something that I want.

I used to be so servantile, wanting to please everyone around me.

Now, I just go and do the things I want without asking for permission or waiting for others to join in.

This feels like the right way to go…


I have been hiking with two other friends.

I have been in Belgium (and a few other places), for training (for my current job). Tomorrow, I shall leave again for Belgium for another three weeks, for more training.

This was an experience that I will not forget any time soon. It has been wonderful on so many levels.

It was a welcome break from all the things that have made up my life, till now.

Then, in August we shall have a one week vacation to Greece (all paid for with cash up front). One week of just relaxing in the sun and enjoying the sea. To put it in perspective, it has been three years since we last went to the sea side.

My co-workers are planning a hiking trip, then team bonding and team building.

Did I mention that I beat my own personal record at wearing make-up (just because I wanted to): two full months!

I know it might not seem much, but for me it was an eye opener. We’ve been focused so much on work, and trying to make things right with everybody that we’ve put ourselves on second place.

I am not saying that things will carry on like this forever, I’m just saying that it is great to have the chance to experience so many things after a complete lock down on our social lives.

Heck, I even got the chance to fulfill one of my childhood dreams: I got a Goku tattoo! I wanted this for so long, but never dreamed that I would wake up one day and say I want it and then get it done.

Sure, it was painful and I still need another sitting to finish it. But, it is an achievement. It is one of those things on my bucket list that I never dreamed of fulfilling.

When I think about it, it is not like I am working less or being a lazy bum. No. The work is new and demanding, but it is fun and rewarding. I am going to give full credit to this to the awesome team that I am in.

I realized yesterday, that we do have things that piss us off. But, the fact that we talk openly about them and try to find solutions, by ranting and swearing, and even with logic and different opinions, it fills me up with joy.

My old team was awesome. I do miss them. But, the environment we were working was so restrictive and toxic that it made us all bitter.

I can honestly say I am currently happy. Happiness really is a state of mind. Having a balanced life, between work and home really does wonders.

Note: I also got a chance to relax and just be myself!