Johnny is sleeping, my parents are watching TV and I’m at the computer, browsing around and watching videos with Maru on YouTube.
I would very much like to be outside in the snow instead of here, but I’m sure it won’t be fun if I’m all alone. I tried waking up Johnny but I had no luck.

The last few days have been very tiresome. We’ve been on the move from morning (if waking up at lunch can be considered morning) till the early hours of the morning: family reunions, going out with friends, celebrating our 3rd anniversary, Christmas, clubbing, etc. My sleeping routine has been destroyed, not that I’m complaining.

Even so, I would still like to go outside and play in the snow, especially now since it snowed all day and it’s dreamlike outside. I just want to feel that it’s winter. I want a snowball fight and to make or at least try to make a snowman. I want to get cold and crave for some hot tea or choco milk.

I doubt I spent more then two hours outside these past few days, and that was because I was doing the holidays shopping.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will convince Johnny and we will go to the park. Hopefully I will get tired soon and go to bed so I won’t wake up at lunchtime. Hopefully it will keep on snowing so that I can make a very very big snowman.

Well, until next time enjoy a Maru clip.

Credits to: mugumogu