27 days left till the new year

With the last of our social obligations coming to an end, we can happily say that we have no more plans for the Winter Holidays.

There are 27 days left till the end of the year.

I want to say that in those 27 days I will be able to do whatever I want. But, that’s not the case.

My shifts will be a mix of afternoon and night. I will also be away on team building next weekend. On the 24th, 25th and 26th of December I will be on the night shift. I am fine with that. By working the Christmas shift, I secured New Years.

Yes, the year shall end on a positive note. I will not be working on the last weekend of the year.

I shall start 2017 in bed, most likely watching the Vienna concert. For me, that is blissfulness.

I don’t know how 2017 will be. But I do know two things: I will start the year with no debts and no obligations towards no one. No strings attached. That is a fresh new start.

With a full paycheck in my pocket, I will be able to do more things than in previous years. In fact, it will be better for the both of us. We both have jobs with a good paycheck (no matter what anyone else says). Hard work, effort, giving up on many things (including our personal time), paid off. 

I guess I am a little bit happy. It’s just that I am tired, and that happiness doesn’t come out as it should. 

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