4 days left til our vacation! I am counting the days, the hours, the minutes.. I just can’t wait for 2 weeks off from work.

We have no set plans, no big dreams of dreamy vacations, nothing at all. We just want some time off from work. I guess I would be happy even staying at home, playing games, watching TV, reading books. Anything is great as long as it doesn’t involve going to work.

What can I say, we are both tired and just want some time to slack off without any responsibility.

Johnny is a bit more lucky than me. He has two more days till vacation. I will work till Monday. In fact, my vacation will be shorter than his. That’s how thing go where I work.

We will also take a break from Pluto and Marlanu’. The plan was to send Pluto to the country side (at my parents) and Marlanu’ to be taken care of by my brother. Well, I guess my brother will have to take care of both of them. It seems my parents don’t want Pluto, on the count that he barks a lot (that’s what a guard dog does!), they have chickens all over and no place to set him up.

I could be upset about it, but I would rather have them both at home and someone taking care of them. At the country side, the dog might run away and nobody knows Pluto there. In our neighbourhood, everybody knows Pluto and who he belongs to.

Either way, I am sure the days will pass very slow for me. So, I plan on working like crazy and keeping myself occupied till Monday.

4 very long days left..