Today is a very special day for us. I guess we just reached the first milestone in our relationship.

5 years ago on this day me and Johnny had our very first date!

5 years of dating and spending time together, bickering, having fun, enjoying our time together and the experiences around us.¬†Boy, time sure flies and what can I say, we’ll let you know when the next 5 years pass.

Besides that I can truly say that I can’t wait for this year to be over. Just 5 more days and the new year will come.

I can’t say that I’ve felt the holidays, because I actually worked for Christmas and I will work and for the New Year as well. So I guess I’ll be ending the year on a working note. But at least I’ll start the year with money in my pocket. That never happened before.

On a brighter note I have two days off and I can say that I am making the most off them. We went to the park today. It was almost deserted but we expecting that since everyone was recovering after the Christmas madness.

It was nice and quite warm for this time of the year. After that we went for pizza, visited family and friends and the day still isn’t over. As I am writing this, we are waiting for some friends to pick us up and go out.

It will be a double date celebrating our 5 year milestone and a friends birthday so it should be fun.

Until then we are just hanging around,either watching TV (How its made), on the Internet or just slacking in bed as Marlanu’ will demonstrate.