It’s amazing how many things I know about Priyanka Chopra personal life yet I’ve only seen two movies with her: Dostana and, recently 7 Khoon Maaf.

So far, her acting hasn’t disappointed, as I enjoyed both movies.

7 Khoon Maaf isn’t your normal Bollywood movie. It has a strong influence of Hollywood in it. There are no item songs (there were only two songs and even those were’nt your normal Bollywood songs), the acting isn’t your regular Bollywood style, and even the plot isn’t so farfetched.

The movie is based Ruskin’s Bond short story “Susanna’s Seven Husbands” (which I would love to read if I could get my hands on it) and it focuses on Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes (played by Priyanka Chopra), a rich Anglo-Indian woman in search of a love that could compare to the one she shared with her father.

Yet she manages to pick all the wrong men.

After her father death, Susanna marries her first husband, Edwin Rodriques an Army Major played by Neil Nitin Mukesh. Unfortunately for Susanna, her first husband is crippled making him jealous and possessive. She endures a lot of mental torture (this could be seen as domestic abuse) but breaks down when Edwin blinds one of her loyal servants in a whip fight.

And this is when it all starts.

Susanna with her maid, butler and the horse keeper (who was blinded by Edwin) plan and kill Edwin on a hunting trip. At the funeral, Susanna meets her second husband played by John Abraham. And the cycle repeats itself.

You could say the movie focuses on Susanna’s personality, from her reluctance to kill to her madness. This is a very straight forward movie. It doesn’t have hidden plots, nor deep characters. It repeats itself until the main character decides that her ideal man is one that is already dead, that accepts her as she is and knows all about her sins. The final scene of the movie will definitely leave some eyebrows raised in the Christian community.

It wasn’t a Bollywood movie like I was expecting, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Funny enough, this hasn’t satisfied my Bollywood need. I really do want to see a movie with lots of songs, with crazy characters, insane love triangles, twists and turns at every point and a lot of drama. I find that movies from recent years lack these traits that defined Bollywood in the first place.

I do hate reading about the movies I plan on seeing but I’m hoping I’ll pick a movie that will be better than this one.