A 3-day weekend

I felt somehow lonely Friday. I went to work and for the first time I felt like an outsider. It was a weird feeling considering that general atmosphere there is pretty relaxed and friendly.

So I’m blaming my stupid brain for working so hard at making a big deal out of nothing.

And with that said I am now enjoying my 3-day weekend before my night shift. And Marlanu’ is enjoying himself as much as I am.

I must admit that we are a lazy bunch. I mean, all I did today was to knit and read “Peril at end house” by Agatha Christie. Not very productive at all, but after all it is the weekend so why not indulge myself in a little bit of mystery.

I was thinking to myself while I was knitting that in the past month I was pretty washed out and tense if I might add. These two emotions (if I might call them that) really don’t mix well. The wash out part comes from me not taking much care of myself. That’s not a good thing, I admit, but really who on earth could stand wearing make up in this heat?

With make-up during the summer I feel like the the wicked witch of the west and I have this wild urge to go on the streets and scream “I’m melting“.

So the washed out sensation must be from the fact that I don’t wear make-up while everyone else does. Well, at my new job they all wear make-up.

In a way I find it weird, at my old job I was the youngest and here I’m not the youngest and all the girls are pretty, each with her own style and personality. It’s like a fashion show, seriously. And I haven’t even mentioned the Chinese girls from the 18th floor who have all these awesome clothes and look impeccable.

Jealous? A little bit. But I would’ve been more jealous a couple of years ago. Now, I just wish to get my salary and buy a new pair of sneakers and an autumn jacket. Yup, I crave for autumn and the nice cold weather.

And yet I would not refuse another outing to the beach.

This summer has been good to me. I’ve got a new job, new friends, lost weight in a healthy way, still broke but hey we can’t have them all.

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