I got the call that I was waiting hoping for. I know that I shouldn’t get my hopes up. I’ve done this in the past, in similar situations, and was disappointed with the results.

I really want this to happen. Monday will be the first step towards a new possible beginning.

Until I know for sure that it will happen, I cannot move a single muscle. I cannot let others know about it either. To put it bluntly, things are not going so well at work. I guess it is frustration that has been pilling up. I want so bad to rant about it. To get it out of my system, but that will not change things nor will it make me feel any better.

The thought of working during the holidays again, doesn’t warm me either.

Being in a position of leadership, doesn’t make things easier. If things go well and if I were to quit my job, I would still be stuck there for another 45 working days. That is almost 2 months and it is not a good thing. I will need to use diplomacy in order to get out early, with both parts agreeing to it. Considering I am not the only one that wants to quit (2 people already submitted their resignation), it will be very hard to come to an agreement with them.

The understaffed part and the inability of the management to get new people, will make it hard for anyone who wants to leave. They will try to keep us for as long as possible. Maybe with a bit of luck, things will go my way.

Did I mention that I want this really bad? You could say that I’ve become desperate for a way out. Unfortunately, I cannot quit without knowing for sure that a new job is secured. Until I sign the new contract, I will be patient and do my job (even if that will kill me inside).