Sorry, I’m not talking about the movie (even if we saw it a few weeks ago and we can’t wait for the sequel to come out). It was The Night of the Museums here. 11 museums got together and opened their doors (for free) during night time. They did this and last year but we didn’t went because of the crazy lines you had to sit at just to get in.

We (me, Johnny, my brother and his girlfriend) went to just one museum (cause the second one, “Muzeul Cotroceni“, got closed before we could get there). It was pretty cool, even if  it was really crowded. It took 45 minutes for us just to get in, but we didn’t felt the time pass because we were watching movie projections in open air. They were really funny.

The museum we visited was “Palatul Parlamentului“. They had a photography exposition, and many people with photography enthusiasts were there. They allowed us to take pictures and that was cool. But there weren’t many things that you could take pictures of, except a few pictures that were a bit more interesting, the structure of the building and the weird looking birds that were flying above the building.

But even so it was a lovely night out. Actually all Bucharest was having a lovely night out.