I sometimes (well most of the time) feel like a bitter old person. I really hate what is going around in this world. It’s like everyone has gone mad and they can’t tell what’s wrong from right.

And whenever I feel like that I try to remember what Johnny told me: “Try not to take it to heart. It will do you no good and it won’t change a thing”. This is our sad reality. But then, something nice happens and it makes me feel so much better and I do realize that there is some good around after all.

A few days ago, at work, I was working feverishly (trying to finish some translations) and a co-worker told me to come quick. And there they were:

This really is a rare sight nowadays. Usually cats don’t bring their kittens out until they are old enough. But these kittens were smaller than my own cat (Marlanu’) who is just two months old. And there they were, on top of the building just strolling along. Now, they could’ve enjoyed the nice weather (the sunshine, more exactly) or the mother was moving them to a safer location.

Either way, this cheered me up a little bit.

This is the reason why I oppose to the killing of strays. While I do know that some animals can be vicious, 98% of them aren’t. And on a bad day, there’s nothing better than having a cute dog coming up to you, just asking to be petted, playing with a kitten (that’s how I got my cat) or having interesting photography subjects.

It’s just sad that our society is giving in to the pressure of European Union and they are discussing about a law that will allow them to pick up all the strays and kill them.

Killing them isn’t an option, neutering them is!!!

We used to have so many dogs in our neighborhood, but some people came and took them, the dogs were neutered and brought back. Those dogs lived a good and long life and they just died of old age. Now, we only have Magda and two new dogs which, sadly, were abandoned by their owners.

I won’t even start on what a great job those dog did, protecting the cars and even people from burglars. It’s like they knew when people were in trouble.