The Harry Potter marathon has reached the third movie. I would’ve watched and the last 2 movies but one movie per day is good enough. Plus I don’t have the patience to sit in front of the TV for more than 3 hours. I think that’s why I find it hard sometimes to watch Bollywood movies.

This weekend I saw a movie that I wanted to see when I was in high school but couldn’t, cause no one wanted to go with me/they were busy/had a life/etc. It’s called “Home on the range“. It’s an really old movie from 2004. But it has two things that I really love: cows and rabbits (well just one rabbit, but that is more than enough). It was a cute movie, worth watching with the entire family and I’m glad that after 5 years I finally watched it. Oh, while we were watching it (me and Johnny that is) we felt the sofa moving and the parrot just went berserk in his cage. It was a “small” earthquake if you can call it that. I live at the 6th floor so it was a bit scary. Hopefully we won’t be getting a bigger earthquake as in Italy, cause the results could be far worse.

Anyway, I just realised that there are a lot of old movies that I want to see. And most of them are recommendations from friends and coworkers (“August rush”, “Zeitgeist”, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”; I don’t even want to think about Korean horror movies and Bollywood movies). So I think I’ll take it slowly. I’ll finish the Harry Potter marathon and move on to “Ballet Shoes” (2007) and “Driving Lessons” (2006). I’m just curious what kind of characters Emma Watson and Rupert Grint play besides Hermione and Ron. Plus I think I was really lucky to find these two movies since they aren’t that well known.