A visit to the museum

Today was one of my free days. I could say it was my weekend since my working week is so much different from the normal working class.

I slept in, was lazy most of the day until Johnny suggested going for a walk in the park. Since we’ve been to most parks in Bucharest we decided to go to Carol Park.

It’s a nice park but very small compared with I.O.R. or Herastrau. Yet it has a lot of monuments that others parks do not have. One of them is the “National Technical Museum Dimitrie Leonida“. At first we thought there would be only engines and other technical stuff that we wouldn’t understand but we actually had fun in there. There are a lot of nice things to see from old cars to electrical devices.

One of the most awesome things there was the Oldsmobile.

Seriously I thought it would be a lot different than what it actually look like. We did saw other cars like a Cadillac or mini electrical cars. But the Oldsmobile was the funniest of them all.

Speaking of the mini electrical cars we actually studied them a little trying to figure out the maximum height one should have in order to fit inside the cars.

Just to get a better sense of the actual size of the cars here a picture with both mini electrical and me.

There were other cool things like miniatures models of trams and trains, sketches of how things work, paintings and even the first aerodynamic car which was built by a Romanian. Go figure…

It was a nice walk that got me refreshed and feeling happy. And I even left with a souvenir: a leather bookmark. Yup, I wanted a bookmark for a while now, I was even considering of stitching one for myself (but its been well over a year since that thought came into my mind) so a bookmark made sense. It’s something practical that I will use since I started reading more books (audio books and normal books).

This visit actually gave me an idea of what I should put on my 2013 list. Yup, my Resolutions list is coming.

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