I believe this year will be Hercule Poirot year, in terms of books. I’ve been reading  Agatha Christie’s books like there’s no tomorrow.

I must admit that stitching and audio books go hand in hand with me. I cannot stay still and listen to a story without doing something with my hands.

And yet, I am afraid that very soon I’ll finish all the Hercule Poirot books and I will have to satisfy myself with Miss Marple stories (which aren’t as addictive as the ones with the little Belgian detective).


Books are really addictive, detective books I mean. But not all of them, I tried to see if other detectives will have the same charisma as Hercule Poirot but I was disappointed.

For example, I read “The two cases of Danwel Strong” by Juan Angel Cardi and I barely made it to the end. It took me a month or so to finish a book that, in normal conditions, would’ve taken me a day or two.

Then, there were the Maigret books which are a step or two above normal detective books. But even the Maigret books don’t come close to Agatha’s Christie little Belgian.

In no particular order:

The Mystery of the Blue Train


This book was first published in 1928; that’s 85 years ago. The story resolves around the death of Ruth Kettering, an American heiress that gets murdered on the Blue Train (Le Train Bleu).

After the murder, it is also discovered that the famous “Heart of Fire” diamond also is missing from the possession of the late Mrs. Kettering.

On the same train there are Mrs. Katherine Grey (a 30 year of companion that comes in a large sum of money and decides to visit the French Riviera), Derek Kettering (which is following his wife, trying to reconcile with her and save the marriage for financial reasons more than for the sake of love), the dancer Mirelle (Derek ex-lover, who is after the Heart of Fire diamond rather than Derek), Ruth Kettering maid, Ada,  and of course Hercule Poirot.

Rufus Van Aldin, Ruth Kettering father, employs Hercule Poirot to solve the mystery of his daughter’s death. At first, all the suspicions are directed towards  The Comte of Roche and Derek Kettering. The Comte of Roche is well known for approaching married women’s and making their precious diamonds disappear and Derek Kettering is known for having financial difficulties.

After many twists and turn and a little help from Mrs. Katherine Grey, Hercule Poirot resolves the case and the famous Marquis (a famous burglar) and his accomplice is found guilty for the murder of Mrs. Ruth Kettering. As for the Heart of Fire diamond, well it is believed lost … but there is a certain dancer that is very proud in her new necklace.

Time of reading: 1 day. Stitching while reading interesting books is bad for one’s  needlework.I believe I made some mistakes since I was wrapped up in the story so much, but it was worth it nonetheless.

Dumb Witness


This was a very well played plot by Agatha Christie. Basically you go through all the characters and believe at some point or another that they must be the murderer.

And in the end, the murder is the the last person you would think of. I won’t give any details of this book, because its more fun this way than having an idea of what you are getting yourself in.

This is a classic when it comes to detective books. Well played Christie, well played.

Time of reading: around 2 days. I have to take breaks from time to time and works comes into as well.

Appointment with Death


I’ve noticed in most of Agatha Christie’s books that there are some characters that just deserve to slapped silly. And in this book there is one character that is so annoying that you are just happy to see her die.

The action takes place abroad, Hercule Poirot tries to take a vacation from death, but death just has a different agenda.

Mrs. Boynton is the annoying character that I was speaking about, the step mother of a large family who just enjoys keeping her children in line and basically bullies them into submission. And this “lovely” lady finds a tragic end on what should’ve been a “vacation” with her family.

All of her children are suspected of murder, and the question is: did they all act together or was just one of them that decided that enough is enough?

Well, it was fun to read and the ending was very satisfying.