It was an awesome weekend because nothing special happened. We just hanged around like we used. I really missed the good ol’ lazy days, when time was on our side and we were able to get bored.


Of course the first thing I wanted to do was to go out to the park and just enjoy Spring.

It was really nice these last few days. It was sunny and warm, it only rained one afternoon but it wasn’t enough to bother us.

What I do like about this weather is that with the sun coming out cats are also more likely to come out and bask in the light. And that means, more cat photos for me.


Now I have a good camera to take good photos even from a distance. So I will probably have a blog with a lot of stray cats in the near future.

Another thing that I enjoyed this weekend was the good food. We went out to eat at our normal dinning spot. We’re just creatures of habit and its hard to break a habit when it involves good food and good company.


Of course I am the one with the soup and Johnny is the one with the meat and mashed potatoes. But I really do like cow belly soup (ciorba de burta) and there are very few places that make it really good.


 Then there was also the coffee. Honey coffee, the best way to get sick! It looked so nice but it was really sweet. Basically, espresso with lots of honey. But after you drink one glass of that, you don’t need another cup of coffee nor a desert.


We even went to the movies (saw “A good day to die hard”) , had a little bit of shopping (got new shoes),  went out with friends (from work, and I got tipsy), went out with family, watched cartoons and anime, played Sims, got new books  and the most important thing, we spent good quality time together.

I think that was the best part of them all, having a good time with Johnny. No quarrels or anything of the sort. Just the two of us enjoying our free time together.

Nothing can beat that.