In 2 hours or so I’ll be back at work, doing stuff and things like that. I am in no mood to go anywhere. I just fell like staying home in bed, reading a book or watching a good movie.


Oh well, there’s one thing that I’m actually happy about I got new stuff. I didn’t buy many or expensive things just one book and a puzzle. The puzzle is really awesome and I actually can’t wait to finish it and frame it.

The puzzle is a vintage one with a well known actress of her time, Marlene Dietrich and it has 1000 pieces. I really like the colors and the title of the movie “The Devil is a Woman”.

I’m thinking of adding it to my door when it’s finished or somewhere around my room.

The other thing that I’m happy about is a romance book. The book cover caught my attention, it was actually in the section with all the Twilight/vampire/werewolf books. It was really easy to spot actually.

The book is called “Femeia alba pe bicicleta verde” and I never heard about the author up until now. But I liked what I read on the back of the book and I said to give it a shot. It’s not like I’m currently reading 3 books at a time, nope, not me.

Besides my little shopping spree nothing much. I really am not feeling the holidays this year.