Yup, they released their English single “The DJ Is Mine“! Well, they released the MV for it and that makes if official.

The video features the School Gyrls (never heard of them till now) and truthfully it’s a pretty good collaboration. I am so happy the Wonder Girls finally moved away from the retro concept. It’s not that it wasn’t a good concept, but after 3 years or so it got really tiresome.

While I was listening to it, I realised that while SoHee and Lim have their voices digitized, Yenny and SunYe voices are 100% their own. The other thing that struck me was Yoobin rapping. So far she’s been known to rap only in Korean and this is the first time that I heard her rap in English.

I guess spending a year or two in America really improved their English and singing skills.

I could talk about the School Gyrls, but truthfully, I have this built-in mechanism that stops me from approaching anything that has the Nickelodeon stamp on it. I know I’m being silly, but the Wonder Girls debuted a long time ago and even if they will have a Nickelodeon movie (Wonder Girls at the Apollo) coming out this year, they were a kpop idol group first.

And for my two cents, well the song is okay but not great. As a fan I will support them, but as a music lover I really think they will just get washed away in the vast land of bands and groups that try to make their name in the American music market.

All I can say is that I am waiting for one song that will hook me as “Nobody” did.