Summer is technically over, but it will be a while before we will have to take out our Autumn jackets. I actually can’t wait for the warm weather to just go away. It’s has been a very warm Summer and I am not one to like the heat.

But still, the Summer has been good with me. I am starting to believe that Karma has not forgotten me. I had lots of fun these past few weeks. Going out with friends/family, going to the gym, getting good feedback from work and so on.

One of my favorite outings this summer was going to the Zoo. It was my fourth time visiting the Zoo and I can actually say that I will never get bored of it.

This time I was actually prepared and had my camera with me.

I think I was more excited than all the kids there. I was looking at the big cats and the reptiles while the kids were just bored. It was really a shame because I wanted to stay just a bit longer and just enjoy those beautiful tigers but my company got bored easily.

So we only stayed there for half an hour.

I don’t regret this because I think I’ll go again in the near future and I will be with better company this time since Johnny is in town. And I can’t wait to hear the lion roar again.

After the Zoo we went to the park. It was very crowded being late in the evening but I still had a great time. I had ice cream, took some nice photos of the swans and just enjoyed the walk.

I also wanted to mention that this outing happened right after I got off from work. So let me explain, the day before the outing I did not sleep at all, I worked all night, got home around 8AM, we got ready and left around9AM. We got home from the Zoo around 14 PM. I got to sleep 3 hours then in the evening we went out again and then back at work till the next day when straight from work I took them to the train station then back home where I slept for another 6 hours or so.

It was an interesting experience.