It seems it has become a habit for my family to go out to the country side on every weekend. I don’t mind this habit, since we get some fresh air and we get to eat a lot of good food.

My mother outdid herself this time. Besides the normal barbecue, she made home made bred, cheese pie and two main courses. The pies and the bred were done in a mud oven (it’s a really old type of oven used at the country side). I know it sounds weird, but the food done in it has a different taste from food done on normal gas or electric ovens. And I mean that in a good way.


Oh, by the way, this isn’t my mother. 

Even if on Saturday it rained, on Sunday we had great weather. And as usual I managed to take some pictures. But I focused more on learning on how to use my camera and taking pictures of the cute animals. Of course the main subject was Bijou, the dog, but we had a really pleasant visit from a white cat. She was very friendly considering she was a stray cat. I even took a picture of the bee hives.

And we even played badminton, Frisbee and volleyball.

I guess you can say we had a really good time.