I’ve just seen “The secret world of Arrietty” trailer. Lately I’ve only been watching series (like One Piece, Sailor Moon, Doctor House, Invincible Youth, etc.) so I miss watching anime, hindi and comedy movies.

Source: DisneyMovieTrailers

My “must see” list just keeps growing and growing. I hate prioritizing my needs over my wants.

So, I started a new week with a very slow Monday.

This morning I was lucky enough to get a seat in the bus. And if you’re wondering what’s so lucky about that, well, at a certain point the bus driver couldn’t open the doors of the bus. It was that crowded. Technically, there weren’t that many people in the bus. The problem was there were a lot of fat people. When the doors couldn’t open I heard one such specimen asking “What? Do people really need to get down?“. She and another chubby (I’m being nice here) were resting (again, I’m nice) on the doors, that’s why they couldn’t open them. It took a few minutes before some men were able to push the doors open, and the fatties were just complaining that people were pushing them.

If I use the term fat cow I would be insulting the cows.

Moving on…

Two more months till the end of the year. Just a simple question: How many of you have completed their 2011 resolutions or are still working on them?