Ahh, October has come yet the cold weather has not.

I do believe that there is a slight chill in the evenings and mornings but during the day it’s nice and sunny. It’s actually a nice combination if you ask me.

But its not like I am awake during the day. I actually sleep most of the day off, get up around 4-5 PM and then just get on with my business. So, I miss about everything that goes on during the day. Its a sad reality at the moment but then again I remember that I am not the only one that works and is busy with her own life. Everyone around me is busy these days, its just they are busy during the day and I’m busy during the night.

I could say I hate it, but its really hard to get mad when going to work in such a fun environment, I get to sleep with my cat, enjoy the silence when I woke up and find there’s nobody there to bug me with different things and so on…

Anyway, I just finished reading “Stardust” by Neil Gaiman, am currently thinking of what books I should read next, finished a stitching project, kept my promise of working out for at least a month and other unimportant things (to other people).

And there is one thing that I have not been doing at all in the past month: using my photo camera. It seems that I’ve neglected it for such a long time and yet there was nothing important for me to photograph these days. Nothing caught me eye, and I was mostly on auto pilot when going outside so I didn’t noticed much in the first place.

And then I found this pic on my phone.

I took this pic with my Nokia X2. It’s actually a pic from when we went to Fetesti. I was not expecting the pic to be this clear and… lovely.

I miss my photo camera! So October please let me take some nice pictures of  the Autumn foliage.

I am now going back to look for some nice fairy tales for adults. They seem to work wonders on my general mood.