I am back!

This year I had the longest vacation I had in ages. 2 full months! Well, I did had my exams (today was the last one) and I had to look for work, but only good things happened to me.

Where should I start? So many things happened I actually don’t know where to start.

I did well at university. I believe I will pass all my exams; there’s one exam that I am not so sure but overall I did good. I now have to wait for the results to come out. This might take a week or two. But what I enjoyed the most at university is the fact that I actually belong to a group. And they are really nice people. Friends in the making? I hope so.

I also found a job!

It’s something completely different from what I did at my last job but I am feeling confident that things will be OK. The company is pretty big and there are a lot of young people, actually I was feeling a bit old during the first interviews considering I was the only one that was 25 and had so much work experience (5 long years).

I start work on Monday and I am actually anxious. The first 3 months are crucial if I want to keep my job and I really do want this job. I like the workplace, the people there, the main building is right next to the circus and you can see the animals in the park, and the salary is considerably bigger. And I say that comparing the amount of workload I had at my old job and the workload I will have to do here.

The only thing that makes me anxious is the night shift.

I enjoy sleeping and I don’t know how I will manage staying awake during my night shift. But I will tackle things as they come. It’s the best strategy.

Besides work and study, I am enjoying my hobbies as much as I can.

I started knitting a new scarf. I am actually getting good at it and I plan on making scarfs for all my friends and relatives. I finished the first scarf pretty fast because I was listening to audio books. I read The Hunger Games, I am currently half way through Catching Fire and The Hobbit. I think I’ll finish The Hobbit first because it’s “lighter” in content and a bit more cheery than Catching Fire.

I am also sad to say that I slacked with my Japanese lessons. I will have to start all over but I am not bothered by that. This way I’ll see what I remembered and if my learning method has payed off.

Oh and I almost forgot, I love trains!

This was the fourth time I rode the train by myself. On the train I sat next to two Americans that came to Romania to attend a conference and woman that came back from Italy. Those 3 hours have passed so fast and I actually got to practice my English.

All is good…