It might be back to work season for us, but why not make it back to school as well? I miss learning something new. I miss my self taught Japanese lessons. In fact, I miss the feeling of being awesome just for doing something on my own, for myself.


I can still remember most of the Hiragana that I’ve learnt, so that means I was doing something right.

Working on the night shift is tiresome, but it does give me plenty of time for all sorts of activities. It allows me to take care of the house, of our pets and different daily tasks. It allows me to watch different series and TV shows, that otherwise I wouldn’t get the chance.

Basically, the night shift allows me to do whatever I want during the day (including those few hours of sleep in order to survive).

I plan on starting my Japanese lessons and to add Spanish lessons as well. Spanish and Italian are very similar to Romanian. It is easy for us to learn those two languages. I do know that I may never use Japanese, but I do have the chance to use Spanish at work. Foreign languages are in high demand. I would like to throw myself at German, but that is a bit harder.

I feel giddy with excitement.

I will have to chose my material, notebooks, pens and different stuff to make it easier and fun to learn. I can now put to good use all of the notebooks that I have hoarded over the years.