I am sure that everyone knows the old stereotype about women being bad drivers.

Well, I’ve been fighting with this since I was little, and I’ve always used the argument that stupidity doesn’t discriminate, so there are as much as bad male drivers as there are bad women drivers.

But from time to time, I find news articles that amaze me. Click this if you know Romanian if not just read below:

A young lady from Timisoara “sechestrated”, Saturday afternoon, some people in a bank. Although there were a lot of free parking spaces around, the driver parked her car right in front of the door of the bank, just a few centimeters away. For TWO HOURS (I would’ve killed her), no one could get in or out of the bank.

When she came back to the car, the police officers gave her a parking ticket.

Seriously, just look at her face. Do people actually think she understood why she got a ticket? They should’ve towed her car away, give her a ticket and just lock het up somewhere for two hours to see if she likes it.

Source: Libertatea.ro