In Free time

It is starting to get colder. 

In a way, I wish it would snow already. Yet the more practical side of me doesn’t want it. Not now.


I have a lot of nice memories with a winter background. I want to make many more. 


I have about three hours before I go to work.

I dislike the afternoon shift. It is not because the work volume is bigger than on any other shift, but because of all the people that are in the office. I hate having to smile and say hello to everyone. I dislike most of them because they make our job more miserable than it already is.  

I am not good at hiding my emotions either. 

So, I just pass by with my head down. Or, I pick the hours when I know no one is around. 

Even so, my biggest dislike sits right behind me. I cannot hide from that. 


I am thinking of starting a new list for December.

It will contain mostly things that need to be done (like house chores). It will be a good distraction for me (from my job and anything else that might be a downer). In a way it will help me sort things out in the house as well. 

It has been a while since I cleaned and organized things. I think that it would also be a lot of fun. Losing myself in the process, and even listening to a good audio book while I work away. 

I must pick a weekend when I am home alone and a good audio book. This way no one will bother or distract me.

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