After months of negotiating the schedule at work, I was able to get 5 days off (3 vacation days combined with my weekend). And so, we were able to enjoy a quick getaway to Brasov.


We could’ve chosen from multiple destinations, but after much consideration and thought we went with Brasov. We’ve been there just once before, at a family wedding. Back then, we didn’t have much time to look around and visit the local attractions. Just to make it clear, we didn’t get the chance to visit them this time around either.

Going on vacation off season has its perks and drawbacks as well.

The only drawback I could find in our situation was that most of the places (monuments and parts of the old city) were closed. And yet, the roads were empty. It was actually a pleasure to drive all the way from Bucharest to Brasov, and the other way around. We didn’t have to wait for a table at any restaurant. We were first almost everywhere. Sometimes we were the only ones.

View from above

It was like having an entire city booked just for yourself.

Bastionul Fierarilor Bastionul Ferarilor II  Drum spre Piata Sfatului

It was fun. It was relaxing not to run around from one place to another through crowds of people. The weather was amazing as well. It only rained when we were resting or sleeping. It was not cold nor hot. It was just perfect.

For me, the piece of cake was the loneliness of the place. Working / dealing with people day in and out, takes a lot out of me. It takes out all my good energy, leaving behind a grumpy woman with a very short fuse. This mini vacation to Brasov did the trick and recharged my batteries.

I’ve enjoyed good food and company and with this mini vacation we were able to have a mini celebration for Johnny’s birthday. Soon, I shall follow in his footsteps and turn 29 myself. We’re getting older in years, but I doubt we are changing in any other way.

Happy Birthday John!!! May we have as many vacations as this one as possible!