If I would rate my current state of mind and body from 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I would probably say tired.

Yep, tired is the best word to describe me at the moment.

The heat isn’t helping either. But, I do enjoy the landscape.

Clouds for a tired mind

I think I bit off more than I could chew when I decided to apply for a higher position. It is too much and I don’t have enough time to assimilate everything. I guess you could say I am overwhelmed. I don’t like to admit this, but its true. Now, I am not one to shy away from work. I enjoy working, but I don’t like it when it changes me.

Being tired makes me very touchy feeling. You could say that I feel that everyone and everything is working against me. Yet, that’s not true. A lot of people have helped, as much as they could, to get me through this period. I am really grateful to them.

So, I am determined to stop being a grinch and get back on track. So, I will get back to my resolution: no more complaining.

On a happy note, I would like to mention that I really like my new position. I like the fact that I get to learn new things and it puts things in perspective. I get to see things from the other side and realize that things are not always as they seem. With that, I do feel bad for the previous owners of this position.

Will, I quit? I don’t think so. Not yet, anyway. When the time comes to move on, I will know.

~~~Quick update on our life~~~

  • we went to the country side, at my parents house, just to have lunch;
  • we went to Fetesti, for a weekend! It was refreshing and it has been such a long time since we paid a visit;
  • we went to the cinema for free since Johnny won two tickets at “Now you see me 2”;
  • we went to Bookfest, where I got three lovely books about cat warriors. YES. I bought books for children.
  • made a new friend which works at a publishing company and she provides me with books! We wouldn’t have had the chance to meet her if it weren’t for Pluto. Owning a dog ROCKS!
  • had a lovely workshop (work related stuff), meet new people. Realized that our entire company is made out of crazy people.
  • got new clothes;
  • paid half of my debt. It took me 4 months to do this, and it will take another 4 to pay it in full. Overtime is my new best friend at work.
  • August is right around the corner and that means Vacation for both of us.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to good things. I might be tired, but in a way I am happy. I am tired because I work and I do things that make me happy.

And no matter how tired I am, I will always have time and patience to take photos of the moments that make my life great.

Pluto waiting for Johnny

I miss mornings

I miss mornings. I miss waking up in the morning, making coffee and enjoying the sunrise. It feels so weird when I wake up at 1 AM, when everybody is asleep and outside is pitch black.

Yesterday was Saturday for me (I know it was Wednesday), and I slept from 6 AM (an hour after I finished work) till 1 AM. I just couldn’t get out of bed. I was dead tired and the bed was the best place in the whole world to be in. And here I am in front of the computer, trying to be as quiet as a mouse. I’m trying not to wake up John and in a way to be productive (which is impossible at this hour).

I am grateful that I have sleeping buddies. They keep me company all the time, everywhere..

It can be in bed:

Pluto sleeping early morning

Or, when I am at the computer:

Marlanu' sleeping


The results for the new position at work came back. It was as expected, I didn’t get it. Truthfully, I was hopeful of my chances. That until I found out there was one more person who applied. It was all hushed up, and it was by mistake we (all who applied for it) found out. If we knew, we wouldn’t have bothered applying for it.

Soon, a new position will be opened at work. I’m still unsure if I should go for it or not. The job itself pays much better, but its one of those jobs that doesn’t give you much time for yourself, or for anything else if I think about it.


Other than that, nothing has changed. I’m still on the night shift, John still works a lot during the day. The furies are doing good, no problems there. You could say, we are stuck in one nice routine. It’s annoying.

Did I mention that the weather is turning warmer? That is one of the good things. I was getting sick and tired of wearing boots and winter jackets.

In a way I was waiting for the nice weather. That means I can walk home from work, and actually enjoy myself. I have a lot of parks on the way home. Usually they are all empty in the morning. I could take Pluto for a walk. When Pluto was a pup, I used to take him on very long walks each morning. They were the best.

Rainy days

We’ve been having some rainy days lately. I really can’t complain since they have their charm as well. That, and I always sleep better when it rains outside.

Rainy days

The last 2 weeks have been hectic enough for us. For me, long hours at work and just a lot of running around to get things done and for John has more responsibility at work. It is tiresome. I really have no idea how others manage their time so well. For us, it seems like we’re always running. And yet, with all the running around things don’t seem to get done.

I guess the term rainy days could be used to determine our current situation, not just the weather.

I am currently trying to keep my mind busy and not think of 2 things. One, which will give us a headache for the next 6-7 months (if we’re lucky, it won’t take longer) and the other which might improve something in this whole work equation.

Long story short, I applied for a better position at work. While I am pretty happy with my overall performance, I am cannot guarantee that I will get it. I haven’t forgotten how disappointed I felt last time when I had to much confidence in myself. That and others have applied for the position. There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t deserve it. So, until next week we all have to wait for the results.

“Optimism is the foundation of courage”

Hopefully, I had enough courage to give out my best during these rainy days.

Spring is here

I think I appreciate seasons now more then when I was young. In my youth summer had its rightful place because of the long summer vacation. I now believe spring is by far more important.

Spring quote

We live in a city where parks are scarce and few, where the color gray is constant and tiresome. Winter in the city will always be gloomy. Even when it snows you can’t really enjoy it. The snow will soon become dirty from all the cars and traffic, or it will just melt away leaving dirty puddles everywhere.

Spring makes the city come to life.

In just two weeks the trees have bloomed! We had amazing weather and I felt like my batteries were recharged. I have made it my personal goal to go the park or to the country side each weekend, if the weather allows us. I don’t care that I work during the weekends (night shift). I know I won’t feel as tired as I would be if I would just sleep all day.

I just want to bask in the sunlight!

Blue skies

I have missed the sun. I have missed seeing colors (mostly green). I have missed being out of the house. I am so happy we have a dog! I now have the perfect reason to take John out of the house. He wasn’t a fan of parks before, but now he jumps on the opportunity to tire Pluto (the dog has a lot of energy). Because I plan on saving money as well, going to the park is the perfect solution for an outing. You can even make a picnic, play board games, card games, chit chat and just relax.

Spring might be short, but I plan on making the most of it.

Brasov getaway

After months of negotiating the schedule at work, I was able to get 5 days off (3 vacation days combined with my weekend). And so, we were able to enjoy a quick getaway to Brasov.


We could’ve chosen from multiple destinations, but after much consideration and thought we went with Brasov. We’ve been there just once before, at a family wedding. Back then, we didn’t have much time to look around and visit the local attractions. Just to make it clear, we didn’t get the chance to visit them this time around either.

Going on vacation off season has its perks and drawbacks as well.

The only drawback I could find in our situation was that most of the places (monuments and parts of the old city) were closed. And yet, the roads were empty. It was actually a pleasure to drive all the way from Bucharest to Brasov, and the other way around. We didn’t have to wait for a table at any restaurant. We were first almost everywhere. Sometimes we were the only ones.

View from above

It was like having an entire city booked just for yourself.

Bastionul Fierarilor Bastionul Ferarilor II  Drum spre Piata Sfatului

It was fun. It was relaxing not to run around from one place to another through crowds of people. The weather was amazing as well. It only rained when we were resting or sleeping. It was not cold nor hot. It was just perfect.

For me, the piece of cake was the loneliness of the place. Working / dealing with people day in and out, takes a lot out of me. It takes out all my good energy, leaving behind a grumpy woman with a very short fuse. This mini vacation to Brasov did the trick and recharged my batteries.

I’ve enjoyed good food and company and with this mini vacation we were able to have a mini celebration for Johnny’s birthday. Soon, I shall follow in his footsteps and turn 29 myself. We’re getting older in years, but I doubt we are changing in any other way.

Happy Birthday John!!! May we have as many vacations as this one as possible!

Still cold, still gloomy

I wasn’t expecting much from February in terms of weather. I was expecting it to be cold and gloomy. What I was not expecting is for  the weather to turn nice and warm, making us believe that Spring is on her way.

Pluto and I, on a cold day

Even so, I don’t know why I bother. I mean, I work on the night shift. The only time I get to see sunlight is when I leave from work, at 7 AM. Even then I take the subway to avoid the crowds and loud noises, but mostly to avoid people.

In a way, warm weather would bring a bit more motivation and fresh new energy.

Also, it would give us the best reason to take the beast to the park. It’s been a while since we went out, not having to worry that I have to go to work in the evening or that I need to sleep. It’s funny that I am talking about sleep, considering it almost 3 AM. I wanted to sleep more, I swear. I was awaken from my slumber by Pluto. Yes, I did take him out. That’s why I know it’s cold and gloomy. In fact, it’s creepy. There are just a few lights, it’s way to quiet and weird people are still out.

Oh well..

It was fun so far. I mean, the first two weeks of February were packed. We acted as babysitters for Charlie (a beagle).

Pluto and Charlie

We had the police called to our door (because of loud music, don’t worry we got a warning and it was actually funny). I was able to buy new clothes, and now I am afraid to spend money. We fixed the car, meaning we won’t need to sell it and get a new one.

Pluto and Marlanu’ are cute as always, even if they have their moments.


Pluto got a new headgear, because why not. It feels like something is wrong if he doesn’t get sick every month or so. We still love him.. Plus, we were able to have a few laughs regarding his situation. It’s a good thing for Pluto that he doesn’t have to wear it outside as well.


Oh, last but not least, February is a short month. That means we won’t have to wait long for Spring. I can’t believe that I am saying this, but I wish the cold would go away. I am sick and tired of wearing jackets, boots and lots of layers. I am sick and tired of being cold all the time.