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Inspector Morse series

I’ve finished the entire series from Inspector Morse. I couldn’t be more happy, yet I am broken over it. I felt in love with two characters and their relationship, and it broke me to tears when it came to an end.

Inspector Morse books


I’ve promised myself that I will try new things. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s nothing wrong in making a small promise to yourself. After all, new things could mean anything. In my case, “new things” is a general term I use for small but meaningful projects. One of those projects is my reading challenge.

Ever since I’ve joined Goodreads, I’ve set up a yearly reading challenge. Each year, I failed this said challenge. In my case, the challenge itself it’s not for completion but to keep track of what I’ve read each year. So far, detective books have been the number one genre in my lists. I’ve read a lot of books by Agatha Christie and Georges Simenon.

I love those two authors to bits. I love their stories even more!

Yet, there were times when I just couldn’t bring myself to read anything that was written by them. But I wanted to read something. That’s when I realized, even in reading I stay in my comfort zone.

This is where the new things term comes in. I want to read new books from authors I’ve never heard of. This is how I came upon reading all the 13 books of Inspector Morse. Technically, the series was not that new to me. I’ve seen the TV show a year ago, and it’s still a detective series.

Inspector Morse TV detective series with John Thaw and Kevin Whately

Yet, Detective Chief Inspector Endeavour Morse couldn’t be more different from Hercule Poirot. In fact, it was not Morse that I loved most from the books. It was his friendship with Lewis, his sergeant. When Lewis hatted Morse, I hatted Morse. When Lewis had problems understanding the moods of Morse, I hatted Morse. When Lewis cried for Morse, I cried for Lewis.

While Morse was the calculated brain of the series, making everything interesting and keeping you on your toes, it was Lewis who kept things real. I loved Lewis for being human. I loved how things evolved between them.

Colin Dexter was brilliant writing the Inspector Morse series.

It took me a month to get over the fact that I finished all the books. It took me even longer than that to be able to enjoy reading anything else. I guess, leaving your comfort zone isn’t such a bad thing. Hopefully, I will start reading other genres and fall in love with other characters, as I did with Morse and Lewis.

Inspector Morse just got in my top 5 series.

Brasov getaway

After months of negotiating the schedule at work, I was able to get 5 days off (3 vacation days combined with my weekend). And so, we were able to enjoy a quick getaway to Brasov.


We could’ve chosen from multiple destinations, but after much consideration and thought we went with Brasov. We’ve been there just once before, at a family wedding. Back then, we didn’t have much time to look around and visit the local attractions. Just to make it clear, we didn’t get the chance to visit them this time around either.

Going on vacation off season has its perks and drawbacks as well.

The only drawback I could find in our situation was that most of the places (monuments and parts of the old city) were closed. And yet, the roads were empty. It was actually a pleasure to drive all the way from Bucharest to Brasov, and the other way around. We didn’t have to wait for a table at any restaurant. We were first almost everywhere. Sometimes we were the only ones.

View from above

It was like having an entire city booked just for yourself.

Bastionul Fierarilor Bastionul Ferarilor II  Drum spre Piata Sfatului

It was fun. It was relaxing not to run around from one place to another through crowds of people. The weather was amazing as well. It only rained when we were resting or sleeping. It was not cold nor hot. It was just perfect.

For me, the piece of cake was the loneliness of the place. Working / dealing with people day in and out, takes a lot out of me. It takes out all my good energy, leaving behind a grumpy woman with a very short fuse. This mini vacation to Brasov did the trick and recharged my batteries.

I’ve enjoyed good food and company and with this mini vacation we were able to have a mini celebration for Johnny’s birthday. Soon, I shall follow in his footsteps and turn 29 myself. We’re getting older in years, but I doubt we are changing in any other way.

Happy Birthday John!!! May we have as many vacations as this one as possible!

Still cold, still gloomy

I wasn’t expecting much from February in terms of weather. I was expecting it to be cold and gloomy. What I was not expecting is for  the weather to turn nice and warm, making us believe that Spring is on her way.

Pluto and I, on a cold day

Even so, I don’t know why I bother. I mean, I work on the night shift. The only time I get to see sunlight is when I leave from work, at 7 AM. Even then I take the subway to avoid the crowds and loud noises, but mostly to avoid people.

In a way, warm weather would bring a bit more motivation and fresh new energy.

Also, it would give us the best reason to take the beast to the park. It’s been a while since we went out, not having to worry that I have to go to work in the evening or that I need to sleep. It’s funny that I am talking about sleep, considering it almost 3 AM. I wanted to sleep more, I swear. I was awaken from my slumber by Pluto. Yes, I did take him out. That’s why I know it’s cold and gloomy. In fact, it’s creepy. There are just a few lights, it’s way to quiet and weird people are still out.

Oh well..

It was fun so far. I mean, the first two weeks of February were packed. We acted as babysitters for Charlie (a beagle).

Pluto and Charlie

We had the police called to our door (because of loud music, don’t worry we got a warning and it was actually funny). I was able to buy new clothes, and now I am afraid to spend money. We fixed the car, meaning we won’t need to sell it and get a new one.

Pluto and Marlanu’ are cute as always, even if they have their moments.


Pluto got a new headgear, because why not. It feels like something is wrong if he doesn’t get sick every month or so. We still love him.. Plus, we were able to have a few laughs regarding his situation. It’s a good thing for Pluto that he doesn’t have to wear it outside as well.


Oh, last but not least, February is a short month. That means we won’t have to wait long for Spring. I can’t believe that I am saying this, but I wish the cold would go away. I am sick and tired of wearing jackets, boots and lots of layers. I am sick and tired of being cold all the time.

One month down..

One month down and eleven left to go from. So many plans, so little motivation.

Yet, January was satisfying. I got the chance to relax, clean the house, take pictures of my minions…

I’ve discovered new beverages..

#bundaberg & #zaganu make me a happy camper. #gingerbeer #australianbeer #romanianbeer

A photo posted by @creness on

We went out for a game of pool with friends we haven’t seen in years…

Last but not least, we got the chance to rest (some more than others, but who cares).

I could say things are looking up. I have lots of plans for Faberuary. At the moment, I have no motivation since I woke up at 5:30 AM. I’m sure it will come to me eventually. After all, I can’t sit still in my free time. Also, we must make the best out of February since this is a short month.

I also noticed that I’ve become a bit more outgoing these past few days, even if January overall was a wasted month. Spent time chatting with friends, making plans to go out, things like that. I hope this mood will not change and that I will make lots and lots of happy memories this month.

Bloody cold!

If I thought till now that it was cold, well I was wrong. Now it’s bloody cold!

Bloody cold

It hasn’t snowed and the temperatures are still above freezing, but it rained for the past 2 days. Rain and cold weather do not mix up well for me. I am getting older. I used to cope with the cold weather really well; now I don’t know how to stay less outside and more inside. That is proving to be a real problem with Pluto since he needs to go outside to do his thing.

Did I mention that it’s still raining?

It’s almost 3 AM and I’m wide awake, trying to be as quiet as possible because Johnny is sleeping. I’m trying to keep Pluto and Marlanu’ quiet for the same reason. It’s not an easy job when those two just want attention.


Did I mention that I want this year to be over?


I’m not sure if I’m going to enjoy the winter holidays. There is fierce competition at work for the shifts that have Christmas and New Year off. Even the new guys (better said girls) want to be free and enjoy the holidays. I am not so sure of what I want, but I know that I need a few days off to rest.

Even if I get a few days off for the Holidays I won’t be able to rest. I know that from previous years.

We shall see on what note we end the year.


I can’t wait for things to level out. I am hoping I will get out of this state of mind and get back to my usual self. That, and I hope I won’t have any more surprises till the end of the year.

Last day of September!

Last day of September!


#3 months till 2015 ends. September came and went as fast. And what a better way to end a month than with nice catchy song from Supernova: “Moving On”.

The weather is gloomy and it’s cold.

Autumn leaves Autumn colors

It rained the last couple of days and I’ve made an important decision: I need to buy rubber boots. I do have a rain cape which is amazing. But I don’t have any footwear that would provide adequate protection for long walks.

The jackets from YesStyle should arrive next week (the latest). I’m 18 books behind my book challenge. I’m still a smoker. The house still needs constant cleaning and no updates have been made (either to the kitchen or anything else for the matter). I got my requested night shift. So, another 2 months of sleepless nights. Still no money in my savings account (I tried but failed this month).

Yet, I am currently happy.

While I am still behind on most things, I am making progress. I’ve almost finished the Inspector Morse collection by Collin Dexter. I don’t smoke that much anymore, and there are periods when I do not need / feel the need for a smoke. I’ve grasped a few things about my spending habits. I’ve also made good progress on my needlepoint project.

Pluto and my needlepoint Needlepoint WIP

‘ve not been idle this month. I also have a game plan for October and I will work hard, both at work and for my personal gain. After all, what better time to do so than in the gloomy months of Autumn.

I’m ending this September on a good note, and also with a lovely photo of Marlanu’ and Pluto.

Marlanu' and Pluto

Work in progress

There’s nothing better then a bit of stitching therapy. It is a work in progress, but in two weeks I’ve advanced more than I could imagine.


I just needed something to take my mind of things. Stitching always relaxes me. It offers me the possibility to go to my happy place. A place far away from my current anxiety. I’ve been worrying more than usual, which is really not me at all.

I’ve also managed to go through a few audio books from the Inspector Morse books by Collin Dexter. I intend on finished the needlepoint and the Morse series at the same time if possible. This is the current state of my needlepoint project. 

IMG_0988 IMG_0999

I’m also happy to see that Marlanu’ has not given up on his old habits and has been keeping me company for the many hours that I’ve spent stitching. I wish I could make such good progress on my other projects. But, they require time, patience, hard work and a lot of determination on my part.

All I can do is enjoy my free time (what I have of it) and just keep going forward.

I’m also happy to see the cold weather bringing some changes in our household. Mostly for Pluto and Marlanu’, who have taken some cute habits.


They can be so cute sometimes. I like the fact how they decided the that our bed is the best place to get a good night (day!?) rest. I guess I’m just happy that they get along so well, considering the Marlanu’ is 4 years old and Pluto just turned a year old two months ago. I couldn’t have asked for better pets.

Oh well, hopefully I’ll have more updates on the progress of my needlepoint project.

Life is short

Are we living a happy life?


“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”

Haruki Murakami

What about handling multiple storms at the same time?


I was smoking on the balcony today and I was surprised to see that the neighbour from the 10th floor has fixed his window. That window has been broken ever since I can remember. And it wasn’t a small crack or anything, the window itself was missing. There were card boxes stuffed there to keep the rain and cold out.

Now, the window is fixed.

Either they are finally renovating the place or someone new has moved in.

Either way, it stuck with me.

 I guess things can always be fixed, given proper time and attention. At the moment I could list a lot of things that I would like to fix or change. Starting from regular household items to personal things. There are so many its insane. I know my problems, compared with others or with issues on a global scale do not amount to much. But that’s the problem. I can’t seem to amount to much.

I desperately want something to reflect that I don’t work my ass off each day for nothing. I want something to call my very own. A product of my hard work and effort. Yet, I have nothing.

Nothing but dreams. I don’t think is wrong in dreaming big.

Life is short

Source: Tumblr

This year I’ve been unhappy. Worrying about everything and anything. That’s not good for anyone. Life shouldn’t be spent being unhappy. I now know why I enjoy looking at old photos of us. They we simple moments when we were happy. We were not worried about what life could send our way. We knew we can handle it. We knew if we put our heads together we could manage everything and make things happen.

We might not have something material (wealth, our own place, etc). We might be just like that neighbour with the broken window. It’s broken, it’s looks ugly but it will get fixed eventually, even if it takes a long time.


I’m going to take more photos to mark our happy life. Something that I can looks back at with joy.

Autumn, is that you?

Autumn, is that you? I know it’s impossible, but the weather has turned around. It’s actually cold for this time of the year. It’s amazing!

For the next 3 days it will rain and it will be cloudy.

I’m the happiest person ever at the moment. I’m actually drinking hot tea and I’m wearing my long pajamas.


I wonder if my minions will cuddle with me if I get in bed. I missed sleeping in the same bed with Pluto and Marlanu’.


I want the trees to go from green to the nice autumny shades. I want to wear chunky sweaters. Boots! Oh my God! I almost forgot about boots. I love boots. I should get a pair of brown boots. I don’t have brown boots.

Oh, oh and I can knit without getting a heat stroke. Snuggling under the blankets! There are so many awesome things I love about Autumn. It would take me a while to list them all.

If everything goes right, I might go wild and I’ll buy some new blankets so I can have something to snuggle underneath. Oh my, I can watch Bollywood movies or anime. Hayao Miyazaki comes to mind and a few of his movies that I haven’t watched yet.

I should make a list. I should definitely make a list so I won’t forget this feeling. But, that means a new notebook/agenda. I saw some pretty ones on the Internet.

I’m all giddy.

Just a few more weeks for Autumn to take her rights.

Note: All photos are from Tumblr

Awesome gifts

The best way to start off the working week (I don’t start on Monday but on Wednesday) is with gifts from far away.

Remember my friend that I was proud of? Well, she came back from South Korea and she brought goodies with her. I kindly asked her to buy me anything! There are a lot of websites that mention the best souvenirs one can buy from South Korea, but I didn’t want her to waste her vacation on running around for souvenirs. So anything was fine with me.

I gave her 50 RON, which is about ₩14825 KRW (I really didn’t have much to spare at that time). She came back with a cute pair of socks (which I will never wear), a pencil case, a face mask and, of course, a key charm.


The pencil case I will actually use it for my cables and small electronics (like my mp3 player, USB stick, and so on). The key charm I added it to a pouch that I received as a gift from another friend 2 years ago (when she traveled to Greece) and the face mask will be used on a special “me time” occasion.

That’s not all. There are more gifts. Yes, I call them gifts even if I paid for them. I can gift myself from time to time, can’t I?

It’s been a month since I placed the order for these 2 beauties. Truthfully, it was worth the wait and the money. I just picked up the first 2 volumes from “Real” by Takehiko Inoue.

Real by Takehiko Inoue

This might not seem much, but for me it means the world to be able to indulge myself in my hobbies. It gives me a boost whenever I go to work. After all, we shouldn’t work just to make a living but also to enjoy a little bit of life.


Patrick from Spongebob

As a bonus, this little gift was from Johnny from our trip to Brasov