It has been a long while.Almost an entire year without any updates.
Flash forward to today, and I can say that things are different from what they were last year.
To make it long story short, there are two major changes: Pluto has gone to live with my parents (at the country side), and I’ve changed jobs (can’t say that things are better on this front).

Yes, we relocated Pluto. Believe it or not, he adjusted really well really fast. Since last November, we had no more health problems with him. That in itself is a major point in the decision. Life in an apartment didn’t agree with him.

Based on the stories from my parents and the way he acts around them, he is happy. And, my parents are happy to have him (they can’t seem to stop laughing when they talk about him and his daily adventures).

True, the house is quieter now with Pluto gone. Marlanu is missing his buddy, but he has adjusted with being the only child once again. He still greets us when we come home, which is nice. Spends time with us, but usually he acts like a normal cat. A normal ginger fat cat, who rules the household and everyone in it.

Besides these two furballs, we’ve been relatively good. No major changes that are worth mentioning.

I must say, I do miss my ex-colleagues, but it was time for me to move on from that place. I can’t say if the work changes are an improvement, but I can say the pay is better.

That’s a good enough start for now.

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