I just “cleaned” my MP3 player (which it’s still alive and going, thank God).

There were a lot of songs that I just lost interest in or I didn’t like from the start (me and Johnny have so different tastes in music). And I’ve added my latest obsessions on it with some old songs that I’ve missed.

Plus, I’ve found another Korean group that I’m interested in: Cho Shin Sung (English name: Supernova). The are an older group but I’ve never heard of them until I heard “TTL” (Time To Love). The song is a collaboration between Cho Shin Sung and T-ara (a rookie Korean group). I really like the song and I really like the boys in the group. Plus, they’re in my age range so I don’t feel like a pedophile for liking them.

I’ve searched for some other songs of them and I’ve found two that I really like (it’s a good thing that the music videos come with subtitles).

PS: On national television (TVR1) they are airing Korean dramas and my parents are crazy for them. I don’t think they have missed an episode. But I can’t complain cause Korean dramas are like a breath of fresh air considering all those soap operas on other channels.