I think everybody knows by know that if you look careful enough you can see different things and shapes in the clouds. This is the main reason why I enjoy taking photographs of clouds.

This weekend I have found Shenlong!!!

If you can’t see Shenlong in this picture that means you haven’t watched Dragon Ball!

It’s quite funny, after I took this pic I kinda said to myself “Somewhere out there, someone’s wish is coming true“. I know it’s silly, but sometimes reality sucks so it’s good to be silly from time to time.

Now I miss the anime series, especially the first one when Goku was a kid. It was the funniest series of them all and I just love Akira Toriyama’s toilet humor.

I think I might re-watch it soon. Oh and if you still don’t know who Shenlong is, well hopefully the picture below will help (it was the best I could Google):