I’ve been really busy these past few weeks, busy at work and at home as well (Spring cleaning the entire house with mother).

So my days are pretty much like this: waking up at 6AM > going to work at 7AM > back from work at 5PM > cleaning duty till 8-9PM (depends on how hard the work is) and repeat. I had no free time at all, not even for my university work and truthfully I’m starting to freak out that I won’t have time to study and therefore I might fail my exams.

Moving on from my busy life I wanted to share a conversation I heard yesterday on the bus (on my way home from work).

A woman with her son (a teenager) were sitting right next to me. The son was saying that if he ever gets a job he will not give any money to charity/his parents/friends/etc., because all he does in life he does for himself. He said that he had every right to get money from his parents even if he works, because it was his parent’s responsibility to give him money. In fact when his parents retire they would have to give money to him not the other way around. After all it wasn’t his fault that he was born, and his parents have the duty to take care of him for their entire life.

I was so tired that my only reaction was to look straight at them and lift my eyebrows while the son was talking. They both stared at me when they realized I was watching/hearing them.

I don’t think that my generation or the generations before were better, but this new generation of teenagers/young people is horrible. They are spoiled rotten! Can you imagine having a child that turns out like this? A child that will turn into an adult that just sucks you dry?

This new generation has no common sense, it’s selfish and dumb as shit. And what’s worse, 60% of all the teenager girls are sluts. If they would legalize prostitution there wouldn’t be any economic crisis.

It’s just tiresome to use the bus everyday and just hear everything that comes out of their mouth. I won’t even go near the clothes they wear, c’mon only Adidas, Nike and so on, anything that isn’t branded isn’t suitable for our young ones.

It’s really sad.

And it’s not just the teenagers, the younger kids are also like this. I was shocked hearing a little girl complaining to her mother that she couldn’t walk anymore and they should take a taxi to school.  The school was 5 minutes away. The other day I saw the girls in my apartment building taking duck face pictures (with their iPhones) and discussing what pictures they should post on Facebook.

I could probably go on, but what I wanted to say is that when I’ll have kids I’ll beat the crap out of anyone that tries to spoil them.