I’m very much like a pregnant women: when I crave for something I must have it otherwise I get cranky. And yesterday I was craving for pasta’s. So, I ended up cooking at Johnny’s place, in his mother’s kitchen, with her right besides me.

I have my own way of cooking and I usually like to add wine in the sauce because it gives it a really good taste (well that depends on the wine as well).  I don’t like using things (well related to cooking) that usually come in a plastic or paper bag. I like to use fresh ingredients if posible. And I like things done my way, like everyone does.

So at a certain point I was covering the pan with my arms so I could stop my “mother in law” from adding certain things in it. I finally convinced her from not adding them by asking “Why? Isn’t the sauce good like it is right now?”.

It’s hard cooking in someone else kitchen, especially when they are present. And I am not a big fan of cooking in the first place, but this time was better. The last time I cooked at Johnny’s place, I ended up adding vinegar instead of cooking oil, but the bottles were identical.

Oh well, it could always get much worse.