This blog came to life in 2008 and it was purely out of fun (I wanted to surprise Johnny by using his keyword: POCh, with “h” mute, as he likes to say). It was something very much random. I never knew (I still don’t know) how this blog will turn out and nor did I had any intention of actually keeping a blog. But it happened.



Fun facts about us:

It’s been all fun and games for us since 26 December 2007. Seriously, Johnny is into Counter Strike and I’m into Sims (we take turns playing when we’re at his place). We like going out and hanging together. Sometimes I pick up stray dogs and Johnny tries his best to make them go away. He was afraid of dogs when we started going out, but now I think he likes them as much as I do (even if he has a black female version of Garfield at home).

On our first two months together we saw more movies that we saw in an entire year. So you should expect a lot of posts about movies. It’s a thing we enjoy.




We don’t really know what we’re doing, so consider us professional ramblers. Enjoy your visit/stay on our blog.



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