I missed wasting time! The weather is just perfect for staying in, and watching documentaries, making plans and just slacking around.

I am so happy I do not have to worry about getting things done, because I do not have the time. I have plenty of time to waste now, and I am going to waste it by doing things that I love. 

Yesterday it was stitching and finishing up a book. Today, it is watching Korean documentaries and, later, stitching and more reading. Happy happy, joy joy.

I am currently interesting in making a learning / studying plan for myself. I want to learn a new foreign language. It has been on my to do list for quite some years, but never managed to fully immerse myself in it. Lack of time, motivation and even the will to do so, have hindered all of my efforts. Then I remembered something, from long ago, from a random blog that I cannot seem to find. It was about a lady who went in Japan, and was struggling to learn the language. She enrolled herself in a weekend class, and was surprised that the classes lasted all day long. When she asked the teacher there why, she was told that the only way she could grasp the culture and learn the language, was by immersing herself in study and practicing the language as much as possible. 

Now, I do not think I will be enrolling in any course for foreign languages. Nor do we have after schools and libraries like the ones in the documentaries, but self study has always been my way to get through stuff.

 It does make a lot of sense, that if you want to learn something new you must dedicate yourself to it completely. 

Long story short, that is how I ended up watching a BBC documentary on YouTube about Korean schooling system. 


I don’t know about learning all day long, but I can surely pull 4-5 hours a day. I do have a lot of free time, where there is just me in the house. I am not going to count Pluto and Marlanu’, since they sleep all day long. 

I hope till the end of the day, I shall have a game plan. Until then, more research by watching documentaries. They are good for the soul. 

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