We’ve finally seen Dragon Ball Evolution.

After we saw the movie, Johnny asked me “You’re really gonna say bad things about it on the blog, aren’t you?”. Well as a normal movie it wasn’t that bad, but as a movie after the great manga Dragon Ball, this movie clearly sucked. So yes I am gonna say bad things about it.

It just didn’t felt like a Dragon Ball movie. It had very few fighting scenes (which were lame by the way), even the last fight between Goku and Piccolo ended in less than 5 minutes. The characters were not the same. They were changed completely from their appearances to their personalities.

Everything seemed rushed in the movie and characters would just pop out of nowhere and decide to join together to beat Piccolo. The love angle in the story seemed forced as well, everybody was simply out of character. Goku’s a powerful but lame school boy, Chi Chi’s a martial art school girl who can’t even open her own locker, Master Roshi’s some crazy dude living in the city (at least he still wears a Hawaiian shirt and seems a little perverted), Bulma became Lara Croft and Rambo combined in another body with a bizarre voice, Mai (originally one of Pilaf’s hilarious henchmen in the manga) became a cold blooded, shape-shifting killer, Yamcha became a weird cross between a desert bandit who can’t fight and a hobo with unwashed hair, and Piccolo became a weird vampire whose outfit seems to be inspired by the Matrix. I think only Grandpa Gohan was close enough to the original character, except for the way he exits the movie early on.

Couldn’t have said it better

 They don’t have any excuses for what they did, I mean, there are a lot of good movies that originated from manga’s. For example: Nana, Death Note and Boys over Flowers. And guess what, they didn’t changed the original story nor the characters.

I’m truely dissapointed with this movie.