What a scare we had yesterday evening.

It was around 7 PM when it got dark all of a sudden. You could hear and see lightnings and thunders. And then, it started pouring down really hard. It was really scary cause the storm lasted an hour or so and after that it just rained normally.

This morning when I was walking towards Johnny’s place, I saw a lot of fallen trees on the street. And all around Bucharest trees were ripped out because of the strong wind (I heard on the morning news).

On our way to work, me and Johnny saw a car with a broken windshield. I wanted to take a picture but the owner was there and he wasn’t happy about it. I didn’t want to bother him. And I was even thinking about the puppies, but Johnny told me that Claudia checked on them and they were alright. And even the stray dog that hangs around Johnny’s place was alright. Actually she was happy to see us cause she knew we had food for her.

Strange weather we’ve been having lately. It’s still cloudy, as you can see from the pictures. I think it will rain again today, so I’ve brought an umbrella with me. I just hope we won’t have a storm like yesterday.