Everything is a little better

Things are better but there’s still room for improvement.

Pluto (aka Smotocel) is much better. His fur started growing back, even if he looks like a raggedy doll. Marlanu’ found a playmate. Thosse two are really funny the way they run around the house and play.

I’ve finished a book that I wanted to read for a very long time, cleaned the house (again) and watched movies.

It’s nothing out of the ordinary but this is our daily life. Routine will always be there, we just have to make the most of it.

But there was one thing that got my attention today. While I was browsing Facebook, there was one video that caught my eye.

This dog is amazing. It’s just really awesome how he follows all the commands just to get to a toy. We are interested in training Pluto so we can stop yelling “no” every time he goes for a shoe or if he’s to rough on the cat. I’m currently on Omar’s site looking for tips on this, but most likely we will have to look for a specialist.

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