If the stress of finding a new job wouldn’t be enough now I have my university exams to worry about.

Truthfully, I was worrying for just one exam but I opened my notes and realized that all of them will be hard, except English which by the way was really easy.


The job search isn’t going that well, I am called on interviews but either I just don’t like what they have to offer or they don’t like what I have to offer. I still haven’t found something that would be just right, and that should be easy considering I don’t have high standards.

In fact everyone tells me that I shouldn’t have any problems getting a new job but things aren’t that easy.

Oh well, I am now in standby with my job search and focusing more on my exams and just getting along with my group because I will never know when I will need help during an exam.

Right now, the thing that pisses me off the most is the fact that at Macroeconomics and Geography the teachers told us to buy their books “cause the materials on the Internet are out of date”.

Can you believe those jerks!

The university is responsible with providing learning materials for the students. Yes, we only go twice to the university: to get our learning materials and to take our exams. That’s what we pay for and that’s in our contract.

But apparently the teachers need more funds because this is way too much work for them. I said from the start that I will not buy books. And you know what else, they were now asking for us to chip in some money so we can buy them presents, so they could be in a “better mood” during the exams.

All the other groups have bought books and chipped in with money, except our group.

Our group is International Affairs and we’re about 30 people in total. But I personally know around 10 of them because the rest don’t even bother coming to the classes and during the exams we don’t really focus on who’s around us, unless we need a little inspiration.

Yet our group is the only one that really didn’t do anything to please the teachers. We’re just going with the flow and see what happens.

But I’m still pissed on the whole thing. I am going to use the online materials because my hunch tells me the courses are exactly the same but the teachers need the students to buy their books, after all who else would buy those good for nothing books?


The worst part of them all is the fact that our exams are at 8 AM on Saturday and Sunday. Yup, I’ll need a really big cup of coffee. I wonder if I’ll be able to make coffee at that hour considering I am now in vacation mode (I only wake up after 10 AM).

Oh well, we’ll see.