I will probably remember this day for a long time to come.

I don’t know if its because of the bright blue nails  (Sailor Mercury comes in my mind), or the fact that I just don’t feel like giving a s**t today, but I’m definitely going to remember the day when I actually told the secretary off. Yup, I just called her to my office and told her it was me that actually made a scandal over last week situation. She gave me two arguments of why I am in the wrong: first that she works here for 3 years now and she still doesn’t have the same privileges as the newer employees and second that I’ll know when I’ll become a mother.

My response was this: I work here for 6 years and I don’t think there’s anyone in this company that gets the same miserable treatment as I do (how on Earth did I survive for all these years?) and second using a child as an excuse is wrong. We all have our problems but we don’t shove them in her face.

The child excuse has annoyed me for years now.

I’m the youngest here (between all my female coworkers). All of them have kids, I don’t. They all had kids in their thirties and they all remember how nice it was when they had “no responsibilities”; how nice it was to enjoy the weekend without having to worry about feeding the kids and so on. And now they expect me not only to act like a baby sitter when their little monsters (spoiled brats that make me not want to have kids. EVER!) come at work but if its possible, I should do their work as well and not complain that I make less than them.

Fuck. You.

Why on Earth do people have kids in the first place (especially women) when they dislike the fact that their precious freedom will be lost?

Children are only a burden if you make them a burden. If you raise them properly (a little discipline can go a long way) you should have no problems. I’m not cold hearted. I understand what having a kid meas. But that doesn’t mean I should work my ass of, take care of your child, ruin my weekends (youth is a precious thing) and not complain at the same time.

Now I can’t say I haven’t learn anything from the years spent here:

  • Working hard may not pay off immediately but in the long run it will do me good.
  • Learning new skills is a must these days.
  • Bottling things up inside can do more damage than good.
  • You have a problem? Take it to the person that is the cause of the problem. Complaining to the boss doesn’t solve anything.
  • Kids should be made only if they will be loved. It isn’t mandatory to have kids. If you enjoy your freedom as a it is, don’t have kids.
  • Don’t take it to heart, but if things seem to get worse:
  • Quit!

I’m quiting work! I don’t care where I’m going but I’m out of here.