I’m feeling tired.

Feeling tired

I was wondering when the night shift will get to me. Well, it finally happened. I can’t sleep more than 4 hours straight. If I try to fall back to sleep, it’s impossible.

I forget things so easily. Loud noises are irritating to no end and I get mad from every little thing. Yet, I am determined to take another 2 months night shift. Only will power will help me through this and I intend on using every ounce of it.

At least the weather is on my side. While I admit, getting back home wet because of the rain is not one of the highlights of my day.

Pluto in the rain Pluto on a walk

Yet, the cold makes the bed so much more alluring.

I also have my little quirks and hobbies that help me. I’ve been reading lately the Inspector Morse series by Colin Dexter, and knitting a new scarf.


It’s a challenge! Staying awake, being alert and productive while being tired. That’s a challenge, especially for me since I love to sleep. My biggest complaint is that I’ve lost way too much weight. Who ever said being skinny is amazing is a douchebag. Even if I eat home cooked meals, vegetables and sometimes fruits, I seem to be losing weight.

While I can complain that my clothes aren’t fitting me anymore, I would rather complain about the fact the my body feels heavy and it hurts. It’s like I’ve run a marathon and now I’m feeling the side effects of being tired all the time.

I need to change a few things in order to make myself feel better.