First day of school

Seeing a lot of kids in uniform, with flowers and with their parents (this are the primary school kids I’m talking about) made me to realise two things:

  1. Today is the first day of school
  2. And, from today on till the end of the school year, public transportation will be crowded not only with old people that just like taking rides but also with kids, a lot of kids.

Again, I’m so happy that I use the subway.

It still feels weird seeing children going to school, even after 4 years from finishing high school. I guess that there are still things that I miss from my “school days”, but then again there are things that I don’t miss at all. Like waking up at 6 in the morning during winter just to go to school… wait I still do that, except now I go to work and I can’t even skip a day or two. At least I don’t have to wear an uniform.

Source of pictures: This one and this one.

At least the weather is great, not to hot and not to cold. Perfect way to start a new week and a new school year. I was thinking, maybe I should pass by my old high school today, to see what’s new around there, cause I’m sure a lot of things have changed.

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