I finished stitching Marjolein Bastin hare last night. At the same time I finished Dragon Bones by Patricia Briggs. The book wasn’t great but was interesting nonetheless. I guess the last chapters won me over. So I decided that it would be fun to read the second book: Dragon Blood.

Now I was looking for it and found this.

I was surprised to see that the narrator of Dragon Bones is none other then Joe Manganiello. If you don’t know who he is well it means you haven’t watched the HBO series “True Blood“, series that is based on “The Southern Vampire Mysteries” written by Charlaine Harris, series that I am currently reading and truly love.

At first I didn’t pay attention to the name of the narrator, but when I saw that article it really surprised me. I would’ve never imagined him as a narrator, yet he was good at it. I also found out that there isn’t any audio for the second book (Dragon Blood) meaning I have two options: buy the book and read it old fashioned way or wait for the audio to come out and buy that. Either way I think I’ll wait, because spending $39.99 on a book is a bit too much for my budget at the moment. That and I already bought 7 new books which are currently waiting to be read.

And just to brag, here’s the scanned hare. It isn’t a great scan but I will post on Monday a better picture with it, hopefully with the final touches.

P.S.: I just realized how much this blog is starting to look like all the other blogs which are owned by stitchers. All I need now is a cat or two.