Spring is here! It’s so nice to not wear many layers of clothes. I think the reason why I like Winter so much is that it makes Spring so much sweeter.

I’m doing good.

I wanted to write about many things but then again not everything needs to be shared. I passed all my exams at university, work is OK and soon we’ll go team building (it will be high school all over again). But, I am happy about one thing in particular: I finished a needlepoint project.


Yup, I finished my geisha needlepoint from Draga Decor. I actually, worked on it on every spare moment I had (while I “read” about 6-7 audio books by Agatha Christie).

And here is the end result, my framed Geisha:This was the final stage right before framing it.  I was really happy with the colors and all that. Had some issues with the quality of the floss but that passed.


Of course, Marlanu’ had to approve it before putting it on the wall. But then again, I have no idea where I could put it in my room and all the other rooms are already packed full with paintings and other stuff.

So, I’m still pondering on the location.

Still, its so nice. The framing was really expensive and this was actually the second choice of frame since my first pick, a more simple reddish frame, was out of stock.


I’m actually proud of myself, now another 5 projects to finish and I can say that I don’t leave anything unfinished.