What is there better than a relaxing weekend at home with your boyfriend?

I’m sure than there could be something out there better, but after a hectic week of work relaxing is the only way to go for us. And Johnny is doing a great job at it. In 5 minutes he already managed to go to sleep. I wish I could sleep so easily as he does, but I’m not that tired as he is.

Well, I did do some cleaning this morning in my room and, after throwing away two pairs of old shoes and a lot of old boxes, I found my old diaries. The oldest one dates from 2001 and it is filled with Pokemon and Harry Potter stickers (more with Ron than Harry). Thinking about it, I think I still have my Pokemon and Dragon Ball albums somewhere in my memories box. But I’m afraid to open that box because I might fell tempted to throw something and I might regret that later in life.

I still regret cutting my 4th grade picture with my classmates. I don’t miss my classmates but it was still a memory.