Caution: If you don’t like spoilers then don’t read this post at all. 

I’ve been wanting to see Gupt: The Hidden Truth ever since I read that Kajol won an award for portraying a negative character. I really couldn’t imagine Kajol, the sweetheart of Bollywood, being mean and violent.

The plot of the movie is full of twists and turns, bloody fight scenes (only Bollywood actors can deliver) and a very abrupt ending in my opinion.

The plot :

Sahil Sinha (Bobby Deol) comes from a wealthy family. He is the stepson of Governor Jaisingh Sinha whom he does not get along with whilst the Governor tries to get close to him. Sahil enrolls in college where he is reunited with his childhood friend Isha Diwan (Kajol) and meets another girl Sheetal (Manisha Koirala). Both girls are in love with Sahil, but Sahil loves Isha.

Sheetal is set to be married with Sahil, but Sahil objects to the wedding arrangements and tells the world that he is in love with Isha. In the process he threatens his step father with a knife. The next day, Sahil step father is brutally killed and Sahil is blamed for it.

As expected, Sahil is sentenced to prison. But, with the help of an old inmate and Sheetal (who still tries to win him over) he manages to escape from prison. Out of the prison he goes to Isha and tries to find out who is the real killer of his step father.

In the process he is hunted down by inspector Udham Singh (Om Puri). After he tries all the possible suspects, the inspector Udham investigates the Diwan household where he finds the knife used in the killings (well the set from which the knife used for the killings came from). Isha’s father confesses to killing the governor because he was angry that the governor would not let Isha marry Sahil.

But in a twist of events, it is revealed that Isha is the real murderer. She attempts to kill the inspector and Sheetal but fails, as she is shot by the inspector and dies in the arms of Sahil.

You know, I make it sound better than it actually was.

Gupt: The Hidden Truth won three Filmfare Awards, and Kajol was the first woman in the history of Filmfare Award to win  Best Villain award and that at the beginning of her career.

But, it lacked so many things, for example, I cringed seeing them dance. They were so rigid. The lip syncing was truly awful and the movie, from my point of view, had only one cool song.  The story was good, the actors were good but the rest was not.

Even so I enjoyed the movie. It was a change from my usual picks.

I was also happy to see that Manisha Koirala was in it. While Kajol and Bobby Deol’s careers are still going strong, Manisha Koirala is a bit of a mess at the moment. In fact, it’s a miracle she still makes films at her age (42) but now I’m being an idiot.

Manisha Koirala is probably one of the few actresses in Bollywood that can act. The years may not have been good to her, her personal life may be a mess, but she still has talent. The only thing she lacks are the right connections and a good movie to give her the boost to re-launch her career. That and a little more self esteem.

Even so I doubt she’ll be able to make a comeback. It is easier for men to make a comeback than for women, and I doubt she will charm anyone in the state she is right now. I’ve found this article about her on IndiaGlitz and this is how the beautiful Manisha Koirala looks today: