Happy happy, joy joy

Since I signed my resignation, things have been really good. Not great, but good. Which is amazing!

Makes sense?

I am happy. Things have picked up in almost everything. It is hard to explain this feeling. Sure, I am tired of everything that goes on at work (with the attitude change towards me from my so called team leads colleagues and from the management), but I feel free. There is nothing that they can do to dampen my spirits. Plus, there are two other people that are leaving from the same reasons as I am. The third, I am helping them with their resume and applying for jobs.

That and one member of my team (the agents that I am responsible for) actually cried when they heard the news that I was leaving.

I don’t care what the management says, when your own agents feel sad and cry that you are leaving that means you were worth something! 

I am worth something!

Now I feel like crying. I am sad for leaving behind such awesome people. 

With that said, I am still happy. I am happy happy, joy joy. I have a job on the line. It is not 100% certain, but considering I turned them down last year and now when I just asked if they have any other openings, I was called in for a job interview, I can only hope for better days.

Soon, I shall have my freedom. I will be able to wait a lil more for it.

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