I’ve been asking myself these question quite often these past few months and I still can’t figure it out.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like hitting myself with something, hard preferably. Then I would have an excuse for having such bad headaches on a daily basis. And it’s not because of money, love, family or friends (problems). It’s about a co-worker.

Wow, what a shocker!

I know that everyone has one or two co-workers that are so annoying you could feel your blood rush to your head just by mentioning their names. But mine is worse. In fact I don’t think I ever met such a person in my entire life.

I try hard every day not to pay her attention. I don’t look, talk or even mention her name. But she still gets to me. I don’t know why or how, but she does. The funny thing is that if you meet with her after working hours she’s not such a bad person, but during the 8 hours a day we spend together she’s insufferable.

She badmouths anyone and everything. She doesn’t care (or is stupid enough not to notice) that other people are around (like me) and can hear her badmouth Mr. X with Mrs. Y, and after that, she badmouths Mrs. Y with Mr. X. And she can do that while having her lips really tight on everyone ass. But that’s nothing, compared with how she treats her husband.

She really doesn’t see herself as being a bad person. She say everything like it’s a joke, but she isn’t joking. That’s what she’s thinking. I’ve read a lot of articles on the Internet about how to handle bad coworkers but none of them are of any help. It’s like I’ve discovered a new species of “co-workers” and I’m suffering for it.

The worst part is, that unintentionally her husband kinda got me and Johnny together by asking him if he wants to work at our company. And I’m sick and tired of complaining about her. It’s like she’s the main topic of each workday. It’s getting tiresome and it feels like I’m a broken record, always talking about her with Johnny.

So how do people keep their sanity with people like that around them?