How time flies.

It feels like nothing has changed, and yet so many things are different.
In a way, I understand why I couldn’t bring myself to keep up with this. I just didn’t want to destroy a good thing.

Truthfully, this blog makes me happy. It brings back lil bits and pieces of a time passed, which was really happy.
Simple, but happy.

With a few exceptions, here are only good and happy memories. Thoughts of someone who had no real inclination of life. No stress over what is and what might come.

Time did flew. It feels like the years have melted into one continuos state of mind: “I feel tired“.
I feel like all this time we fought. I do not know for what and why, but it feels like we fought all the way.
Hence the tiredness.

And what a time to be alive: new diseases, war, economic instability, social anxiety..
It feels like the world got suddenly a lot smaller.

I am thankfull Johnny has kept this blog alive.

We all need a safe heaven, and this used to be mine. Ideas, thoughts, hobbies, mondane things of no interest to no one. Just a place of random bits and pieces of someones life. My life. Our life.

We can only see what the future has for us. Either way, I am officially back in the obscure and non descript blogging world.

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