When we had KBS World, I used to watch “Invincible Youth” and it was really funny. The SNSD team then was Sunny and Yuri but this time they added Hyoyeon and Sunny. How awesome is that.

I said this before, but Hyoyeon is really underraterd in SNSD. I can understand that she may not be the “beauty ideal” (like Yoona) or she may not have the best voice in the group (like Taeyeon or Tiffany) but she just has that appeal, dare I say charisma, that some of the other members lack.

I remember reading on the Soompi forums that she’s just like Hyuna (from 4minute): in a group she may not have the best voice, nor be the best dancer but as a solo she rocks. The thing is that Hyoyeon is a great dancer (the Dancing Queen didn’t got her name for nothing) but she never got the chance to go solo.

I’m happy that the SNSD members wish to see Hyoyeon in a variety show came true. I just hope Korean people will get to see that she’s just as beautiful as the rest of the members.