I don’t usually splurge on make-up products. Make-up is not a necessity for me and it will never be.

But I decided that I should have some quality products just for those “special” times when I actually feel the need to “paint” myself. So I went online and browsed around and bought the following:

  • a Kabuki brush
  • Vaseline lipbalm
  • Peach lipbalm
  • and eyeshadow

As I said, I didn’t buy much but just a few basic things. The brush I wanted for a long time. The one that I had for a year now is pretty horrible and it recently started to make me itch whenever I used it. So after reading about different brushes I found one that was cheap considering the good reviews online.

I must say, the brush is really soft and nice.

The Vaseline and Peach lipbalm were not a necessity but I am a lipbalm freak so can you blame me? The eyeshadow, well I am very much a neutral person but the browns and the greens really fit me and those were the exact colors that I didn’t have.

And I believe this is the first time in the history of this blog that I actually posted about make-up. So cheers to that~